FENOVACo-Ex Wooden Finish Windows

  • For the first time, FENOVA has pioneered the development of Co-Extruded Wooden finish coloured Profiles for uPVC Windows & Doors.
  • All the Conventional wooden profiles available in the market today are generally manufactured by heat-sealing / gluing of a wooden coloured laminate on the profile. Such laminates, in the long run may get discoloured or peeled off due to climatic exposures.
  • The cost of laminated profiles is extremely high, and this shoots up the cost of windows and doors.
  • Fenova has helped eliminate the use of lamites to achieve wooden finish through our uPVC profiles made by Co-extrusion with a special Thermoplastic called ASA- and we offer the co-extruded surfaces with several wooden finishes, colours and textures.
  • ASA is Co-extruded on the outer surface of the uPVC profiles, and can be extruded with wooden finishes, colours and textures.

FENOVACo-Extruded Windows over other Wood Finish Windows

FENOVA Profiles are made up of highly UV stable uPVC Compound. The outer surface of the Profile which is most exposed to sunlight is Co-Extruded with a layer of ASA material, which has built-in properties of UV resistance, thereby completely eliminating the adverse effects of the UV rays in the Sunlight like discolouration, embrittlement etc. and giving a longer service life to the Window. Also ASA being Chemical resistant, does not get affected by any of the fumes or gases in the air.
We offer several combinations of colours, multiple wooden and marble finishes, with a variety of textures to embellish the exterior and interior of the building. We offer high levels of customization for customers seeking unique finishes and textures.
Co-extrusion and well-founded formulation that we offer eliminates typical issues with conventional Profiles such as discoloration, peeling of laminates causing frequent replacements of windows.
Dust Repellent
Fenova’s Co-extruded profiles incorporate increased anti-static properties compared to regular window profiles, helping much lesser dust accumulation on window surfaces.
The application of our co-extruded technology to manufacture wooden finish profiles not only provides An ever-lasting finish without peeling issues, it also provides significant cost-savings over traditional Laminated wooden finished profiles.
UV Resistant
UV Stabilization additives in white profiles and ASA co-extrusion enables us to provide the highest levels of UV stabilization. This ensures long life of Fenova windows by preventing brittleness and discoloration due to oxidation of the polymer.
Energy Efficient
Fenova’s Weather barrier attributes: The frame of the window plays an important role in ensuring energy efficient and cost-efficient thermal insulation. The physical design and ASA co-extrusion of our windows enhances air tightness, water-tightness and reduced moisture leaks, resulting in significant cost reduction in air-conditioning or heating.
No Stress Cracking
Fenova’s ASA Co-extrusion technology and well-founded raw material formulation ensure high impact And tensile strengths which prevent stress-cracking due to varying weather conditions. Fenova: Everlasting Windows!
No Peeling
Replacing the conventional technology, we use co-extrusion which eliminates the complete use of laminates for décor and further disqualifies any performance issues that come along with them like peeling. 

What is “ASA” & Its benefits

  • ASA- Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate is as thermoplastic material developed to give the best UV resistance and mechanical properties.
  • The spherical particles of slightly cross-linked acrylate functioning as an impact modifier, are chemically grafted with styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer chains, and embedded in styrene-acrylonitrile matrix, which gives the material excellent “Weathering resistance”, “resistance to ultraviolet radiation” & “Higher long-term heat and chemical resistance”.
  • ASA has very high outdoor weatherability.
  • ASA retains gloss, colour and mechanical properties in outdoor exposure.
  • ASA has good chemical & heat resistance, good Anti-static properties thereby reducing the attraction of dust particles.
  • ASA has higher resistance to environmental stress-crackin.
  • ASA is used in applications requiring high weatherability, e.g. Door-Window Profiles, commercial sidings, outside parts of vehicles etc.
  • ASA is compatible with uPVC and can be Co-Extruded on PVC making a homogenous joint.