About Fenova

The brand Fenova is a division of Arihant Polymer Extrusions, and is the result of 30+ years of its enriched manufacturing expertise, dedicated research, and a passion to provide product-based solutions to various industries that surpass expectations, and are yet well within the reach of everyone.

As the name suggests, Fenova is a pioneer manufacturer of innovative fenestration products.
Our research and expertise enable a product delivery of highest quality and technical attributes. The brand has successfully replaced conventional laminated profiles with a custom co-extrusion technology to offer over a hundred combinations of aesthetic profiles including wooden and marble textured frames.


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CEO’S Message

We are moving ahead with dynamism and a vision to develop and offer disruptive product solutions to varying markets and industries.

After our last few record-breaking years with development and sales of customized radome profiles in the telecom industary, a new era has begun at Arihant with the launch of Fenova.

The company’s rapid growth in diversified markets is a result of our remarkable interpersonal relations, cooperative dedication, shared virtue of research & development, and dominance of varying markets. The credit is shared between our team and the extended capabilities of our associates in technical knowledge, customization, research, marketing, and teamwork.

Today, Arihant represents a healthy and solid foundation laid out for growing into multiple industries vertically, and horizontally. Our pioneering along with the visionary and experienced leaders has previously enabled us to navigate through stiff local and global competition, and will continue to do so in the future with an advanced product range in the door and window systems industry.

The company’s prospects for growth over the upcoming years will focus on expanding the range of door and window profiles with advanced quality and properties.