About Arihant Polymer Extrusions

Since 1998, ARIHANT POLYMER EXTRUSIONS has been a leading manufacturer of Customized uPVC Profiles, Pipes and Winding Cores. We currently specialize in development and supply of uPVC Profiles for numerous applications in the Telecommunication, Construction, Packaging and Agricultural Industries. Our prime technical expertise is developing raw material formulations to achieve various product properties, specifically tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Our company's technical capabilities include helping our customers generate cost savings by substituting composite raw materials with uPVC without dimensional changes in the product or losing out on its material properties. This is made possible by optimal raw material formulation with appropriate additives and application-based processing aids. 
MiliaM',,%active collaboration with our additive suppliers and their application engineers to develop application-based processing aids has helped us greatly reduce the lead time for New Product Development (NPD) and help our customers meet their product-launch deadlines early.

With increased strength and capacity, our resources provide an unmatched capability for a future of new products, new applications, new materials and new processes. We consistently maintain our focus on quality control and continuous improvement to deliver products which conform to the design specifications and well-known quality standards.