Why is PVC Replacing all Other Materialsin Door & Window Systems?

Un-plasticized PVC is one of the most versatile and widely used thermoplastics in the world. Over the last few years, it has replaced the use of wood and aluminum in door and window production by its virtue of innumerable benefits over other materials. It is energy-efficient, has better cost-benefit ratio, low maintenance, remarkable durability, boasts excellent eco balance, etc.

The benefits of PVC are:

  Light, Tough and Long Lasting.
  Termite free.
  Chemical resistant.
  Self-Extinguishing characteristics.
  Excellent aesthetic look.
  Freedom from painting.
  Air and noise insulation.
  Ability of absolute water tightness maintenance.
  Recyclable (Replace crossed Test With: (Environment Friendly).
  Consumes less primary energy in its production than any other Polymer Material.
  Relatively Smaller Carbon Footprint compared to Aluminium and Wood.
  Superior Cost to Performance Ratio.
All Fenova products are compounded to be extremely rich in all properties which allow us to offer the highest quality product in the market.
Resistance To Ultraviolet Exposure From Sunlight

The exposure of uPVC window to sunlight at 250 — 300 nm causes photo oxidative degradation which results in the breakage of polymer chains in the PVC matrix, deterioration of mechanical properties, discoloration and an unpredictable loss of shine.